An analysis was made of the multipath propagation of Love waves by using data obtained from the array of three-component instruments located at the Large Aperture Seismic Array (LASA). These data were analyzed by means of a high-resolution analysis technique, which provided a greater angular resolution and accuracy than was previously possible for the analysis of the multipath propagation of Love waves. The measurement of this phenomenon was made for the Love waves of six events distributed at various azimuths and distances from LASA. These measurements were used to make conjectures about the actual propagation paths for Love-wave groups in the 20 to 40-sec-period range. In addition, these paths were compared to the corresponding ones for Rayleigh waves, which were obtained previously. It is shown that in most cases, for both Love and Rayleigh waves, these propagation paths can be associated with refractions and reflections at the continental margins.

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