Tables for spectral displacements of seismic surface waves from shear dislocations in flat multilayered earth models were prepared. Earth response functions for seven modes (R11, R21, R12, L0, L1, L2, L3) at six periods (300 sec, 250 sec, 200 sec, 150 sec, 100 sec, 50 sec) and three paths (continental, oceanic, shield) were calculated for the source-depth range of 10 to 600 km at intervals of 5 km until 200 km, and thereafter at intervals of 10 km. Ground motion is given in micron-seconds for the three fundamental shear dislocations, each of strength U0dS = 103 (m × km2) and a delta-function time-dependence.

The tables provide the means for rapid evaluation of source parameters from spectral radiation patterns of amplitudes and initial phases.

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