Shear waves have been resolved in records of acceleration and particle velocity resulting from the Sterling event which was a nuclear explosion (380 tons) within the stable cavity left by the Salmon detonation in the Tatum salt dome. These shear waves were strongest in records of vertical motion at stations in the shot-level plane, but were detectable in records from both vertical and horizontal radial gages above and below that elevation. No appreciable shear waves could be identified in records from shot-level gages oriented horizontally. All instruments involved in this study were situated within the salt dome at ranges between 166 and 660 meters from the explosive source. Shear waves carried over 95 per cent of the energy in vertical shot-level records, but they represented less than 11 per cent of the energy in horizontal radial shot-level records. Cause of the vertically polarized shear waves is considered to be vertical asymmetry at the source.

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