A composite compute program has been devised for a fast reduction of multistation seismic data in the period range 50–500 sec for mantle surface waves and 20–100 sec for body waves.

The analysis aims at the reconstruction of the seismic source from the spectrum of its far radiation field and the correlation of its parameters with its depth, size and regional environment.

The capability of the computational procedure has been demonstated in two studies of WWNSS records: one includes a spectral analysis of surface waves from a shallow shock in the Kurile Islands; the other includes a spectral analysis of P waves from 9 shocks in the depth range 550–700 km at Fiji, Mariana, Java, Japan, Peru and Brazil.

Other applications of the proposed data processing routine are foreseen; a tsunami warning system and focal depth determination from spectral modal ratios.

It is believed that a persistent search for stress patterns, based on the processing of a sufficiently large sample of seismic events, is essential to any future program of earthquake prediction.

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