A cooperative seismic crustal structure experiment involving eleven participating institutions was conducted off the East Coast of the United States during the summer of 1965. Underwater shots varying in size from 20 pounds to 10 tons of explosive were detonated along four lines; two off the coast of North Carolina and two off the coast of Virginia. These shots were recorded at a number of land stations, both fixed and mobile, as well as at anchored buoy stations at sea. In each area one line was approximately normal to the continental margin and the other parallel to the margin near the outer edge of the continental shelf. Shot positions, shot instants and first arrival times at all participating recording stations are summarized in the tables of this paper.

Preliminary analyses of the data contributed by all of the participants for inclusion in this paper indicate a general crustal structure varying from 0.5 km of sediment overlying 30.4 km of basement for the southern profiles to 1.6 km of sediment above 8.3 km of low velocity basement overlying about 16.3 km of high velocity basement in the northern area. The individual participants are expected to present more detailed summaries of their own portions of the data in subsequent papers.

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