Seismic and gravity observations were carried out in the active volcanic area of Katmai in the summer of 1965. A determination of hypocenters has been aftempted using S and P arrivals at a station located at Kodiak and two stations located in the Monument. However, in most cases, deviations of travel times from the Jeffreys-Bullen tables were rather large. Therefore hypocenters are not well located. A method based on P- and S-wave arrivals yields a Poisson's ratio of 0.3 for the upper part of the mantle under Katmai. This higher value is probably due to the magma formation. The average depth to the Moho from seismic data in the same area is 38 km and 32 km under Kodiak. Using Woollard's relation between Bouguer anomaly and depth to the Moho, a small mountain root under the volcanoes with a depth of 34 km was found dipping gently up to 31 km on the NW side. The active volcanic cones are located along an uplift block. This block is associated with a 35 mgal Bouguer anomaly. The Bouguer anomaly contour map for the Alaska Peninsula is given and an interpretation attempted.

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