Slippage on a fault plane or sheared band in the Hayward fault zone has seriously damaged a cast-in-place concrete box culvert which carries the waters of Strawberry Creek under the University of California Memorial Stadium at Berkeley, California. Right-lateral movement of the fault or sheared band has offset the southwest-flowing creek so that the southwest portion has moved northwest with respect to the northeast portion. The two parts are connected by a northwest-trending section about 1,200 feet long, which flows in the culvert under the stadium. The fault crosses the culvert at a low angle, trending about 20° more to the north than the culvert, so that both tension and shear have been exerted on the culvert by right-lateral movement of the fault since the culvert was built in 1923. Two transverse cracks 1 inch wide and about 5 feet apart were noted when the culvert was inspected in 1948. In 1965 the maximum width of the cracks was 312 inches and the section of the culvert between the cracks appeared to have rotated clockwise. Total average separation of the cracks due to tension is about 4.1 inches; lateral offset of the culvert is 1.25 inches. Movement along the fault is estimated at 0.1 inch per year over the 42 years since the culvert was built.

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