In recent years, Kaliski has contributed a series of papers on the interaction of elastic and magnetic fields and some of them, [1], [2], [3] are concerned with the propagation of waves in a semi-infinite medium either loaded or conditioned otherwise, at its free surface. Such problems, as Kaliski [1] has remarked, may have relevance in the practical seismic problem of detecting the mechanical explosions inside the earth. Moreover, their geophysical implications have also been examined by Knopoff [4[, Cagniard [5], Banos [6], and Rikitake [7]. The present note seeks to investigate disturbances in a medium consisting of two layers (one finite and the other infinite) of elastic medium intervened by a thin layer of vacuum. The vacuum is traversed by an initial magnetic field. The disturbances in the medium are assumed to have been produced by a time-dependent load on the free surface of the medium. The method of Laplace transform has been used to facilitate the solution of the problem.

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