The Buyin-Zara earthquake of 1 September 1962 originated on the Ipak fault and it was felt over most of Northern Iran. This newly named fault and its branches run for 64 miles, from Ipak, about W-05°-N, across the mountains south of Buyin, to Takhrijin, 4 miles west of Ab-i-Garm. During the earthquake of September 1, 1962 and its aftershocks, at least 64 miles of surface rupture occurred progressively along this line, and at leas two stages of progressive faulting were involved. Most probably, one from Rudak from where the fracture progressed east to Ipak, and a deeper fracture, with very weak surface evidence from Indrejin progressing east to Tofak.

The earthquake killed 12,225 and injured 2,776 persons. It damaged beyond repair 21,310 houses and killed 35% of the livestock in the area. The maximum intensity of the shock did not exceed IX MM. Small landslides and rock falls occurred on steep slopes and temporary springs were formed.

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