The problem of the Rayleigh wave propagation in a solid layer overlying a solid half space separated by a sinusoidal interface is investigated. The amplitude of the interface is assumed to be small in comparison to the average thickness of the layer or the wave length of the interface. Either by applying Rayleigh's approximate method or by perturbating the boundary conditions at the sinusoidal interface, plane wave solutions for the equations which satisfy the given boundary conditions are found to form a system of linear equations. These equations may be expressed in a determinant form. The period (or characteristic) equations for the first and second approximation of the wave number k are obtained.

The phase and group velocities of Rayleigh waves in the present case depend upon both frequency and distance. At a given point on the surface, there is a local phase and local group velocity of Rayleigh waves that is independent of the direction of wave propagation.

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