Ground‐motion prediction models (GMPMs) are a critical tool in performing seismic hazard analyses; in turn, these studies condition structural designs. Consequently, new research has appeared not only with a regionalization focus but has also explored the prediction of intensities other than acceleration. We present a GMPM for peak ground velocity (PGV) and spectral velocity (Sv) for the Chilean subduction zone. Because of the limitations of VS30 as site proxy, the proposed model adds the site’s fundamental frequency (f0) as an explanatory variable for the site term in the GMPM. We developed the model for PGV and spectral response periods between 0.06 and 10 s. The total error (σ) of the model shows a slight reduction with the inclusion of the fundamental frequency (f0) compared with a similar model for the pseudoacceleration response spectrum in the same zone. We used the proposed model to predict structural damage during the 2010 Mw 8.8 Maule earthquake, showing a good fit with the geographical distribution of damage, and this creates an opportunity to characterize the seismic behavior of soil deposits, including basins, for urban planning.

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