Predictive models for ground‐motion duration of Mexican subduction interplate and intermediate‐depth intraslab earthquakes are presented. The considered sites are rock sites. For the ground‐motion duration models, the significant durations for ranges between 5%–75%, 5%–95%, and 2.5%–97.5% of Arias intensity are considered for the analyses. The significant duration predictive models are expressed in terms of magnitude, distance, and focal depth; this last variable is considered only for intraslab earthquakes. A total of 418 and 366 accelerograms obtained from 40 Mexican interplate and 23 intraslab earthquakes, respectively, are used. The applicability of the duration equation for subduction interplate events is restricted to moment magnitudes 5<Mw<8 and distances to the fault surface 17<R<400  km; for intraslab events, it is restricted to 5.2<Mw<8.2, 22<R<400  km, and focal depths 35<HD<75  km. The models are compared against existent models for Mexico and other regions. The analyses and comparisons indicate that using ground‐motion duration models accounting for the two types of earthquakes is required and that such models should be developed for specific regions.

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