The scaling behavior of rise times Tr determined within earthquake source inversions that used strong‐motion data is determined using estimates as accumulated in the SRCMOD database. The Tr versus M0 trend derived from this data set is close to logTr=1/3logM0+ const; this agrees with the assumption of self‐similarity of earthquake ruptures. No biasing effect of station distance on Tr was found. The result was compared to recent scaling estimates based on mass teleseismic inversions. Absolute levels of teleseismic and local inversions match well; the slope of the trend of teleseismic estimates is somewhat more gradual. The absolute levels of Tr versus M0 trends recovered from finite source inversions may need reduction when used to predict parameters of near‐source ground motion. The observed scaling behavior of Tr is incompatible with the assumption that Tr defines the second corner frequency of the source spectrum.

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