Ground‐motion prediction equations (GMPEs) for western Saudi Arabia are developed by employing a mixed‐effects regression model to modify the Boore et al. (2014) Next Generation Attenuation‐West2 (NGA‐West2) project GMPEs. NGA‐West2 addressed several key issues concerning GMPEs for shallow crustal earthquakes in active tectonic regions. However, the NGA‐West2 results do not include many earthquakes in extensional regimes such as those occurring in Saudi Arabia. This deficiency is corrected by calculating a magnitude scaling of the new Saudi Arabia GMPEs compared to those of Boore et al. (2014). Furthermore, there is a clear difference in distance scaling for the Arabian GMPEs in comparison with the NGA‐West2 GMPEs. This difference is especially significant at large distances and is mainly due to lower anelastic attenuation in the crystalline crust of western Saudi Arabia. Our empirical data demonstrate the GMPEs presented here are in good agreement with observed earthquake ground motions in western Saudi Arabia.

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