The identification of GT595% seismic events is of fundamental importance to ground‐based explosion monitoring. However, the lack of GT0 event (i.e., explosion) data needed to develop new regionally tailored GT595% event‐identification criteria hampers the identification of new events. As a means of circumventing this problem, we show that existing regionally tailored GT595% criteria are potentially transferrable to tectonic analogs. We invoke this principle to identify new calibration events in Turkey, Tanzania, and Saudi Arabia. Six events are located in the east Anatolian plateau, meeting existing GT595% criteria developed for the tectonically analogous Tibetan plateau. Nine events are located in the Tanzania craton and 15 in the Arabian shield, meeting GT595% criteria developed for the tectonically analogous Kaapvaal craton. We additionally expand the existing database of GT595% events in Ethiopia by identifying six events in the Afar region, fulfilling GT595% criteria previously developed for the Ethiopian Rift. Source properties including the moment tensor, moment magnitude, radiated energy, corner frequency, and static stress drop are determined for the larger‐magnitude events identified in each region.

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