This article presents the development of ground‐motion prediction equations for the maximum rotated (RotD100) horizontal component of five intensity measures: Arias intensity, cumulative absolute velocity, cumulative absolute velocity above the 5  cm/s2 threshold (CAV5), standardized cumulative absolute velocity (CAVSTD), and peak incremental ground velocity. The equations predict the ground‐motion intensity at outcropping rock sites. This scope reflects the critical importance of outcropping rock‐motion properties that can be employed as predictors of certain site‐response quantities or used as input to site‐response and soil–structure interaction analyses. We present equations for the shallow crustal, intraplate, and subduction tectonic environments and between‐ and within‐event standard deviations for each. We also provide supplemental logistic models predicting the probability that CAV5 and CAVSTD exceed zero in a given earthquake scenario. These equations are valid for magnitudes between 4.0 and 9.0 and source‐to‐site distances up to 400 km, depending on the tectonic environment.

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