In surface‐wave dispersion measurement, we use cross correlation to compare the recorded signals at different stations to measure their phase difference. However, the measurement resolution is poor at low frequencies and the poor resolution was often incorrectly interpreted as large measurement errors. Here, we propose a new nonlinear signal comparison (NLSC) approach to achieve a uniform high‐resolution measurement across a wide frequency band. Furthermore, we can control the overall resolution in NLSC by an adjustable parameter. The traditional cross correlation is a special case of NLSC. We use both synthetic and recorded seismic data to demonstrate the effectiveness of NLSC by extracting surface Rayleigh‐wave phase‐velocity dispersion curves for different datasets, including synthetic multimode Rayleigh‐wave data, synthetic global Rayleigh waves of a Martian seismic model, and a real ambient noise correlation data processed from the USArray.

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