Surface ruptures found east of the high peak of Bukadaban that formed during the 2001 Kunlun earthquake reveal a minor northeast–southwest‐trending graben, across which oblique approximately east–west extension occurred. Scarps along the southeast flank of the graben indicate vertical components of slip of 3–4 m, and left steps in the trace suggest a component of left‐lateral slip. Scarps on the northwest flank show vertical components of only ∼1.5??m; east–west‐trending ridges in the flanking footwall and hanging wall imply north–south shortening and therefore also a component of left‐lateral slip. These observations corroborate the inference made by others that Bukadaban, though >6000??m high, lies within or adjacent to an active pull‐apart basin between two major strike‐slip segments oriented ∼N100°E.

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