This short note contains two contributions related to deriving depth‐dependent velocity and density models for use in computing generic crustal amplifications. The first contribution is a method for interpolating two velocity profiles to obtain a third profile with a time‐averaged velocity forumla to depth Z that is equal to a specified value (e.g., for shear‐wave velocity VS, forumla for Z=30  m, in which the subscript S has been added to indicate that the average is for shear‐wave velocities). The second contribution is a procedure for obtaining densities from VS. The first contribution is used to extend and revise the Boore and Joyner (1997) generic rock VS model, for which forumla, to a model with the more common forumla. This new model is then used with the densities from the second contribution to compute crustal amplifications for a generic site with forumla.

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