Equations that predict intensity as a function of magnitude and distance are useful tools for hazard and risk assessment, and in interpretation of both contemporary and historical earthquake information. The intensity prediction equations of Atkinson and Wald (2007; hereafter AW07) have been remarkably successful in describing the level and intensity of motions reported under the “Did You Feel It?” (DYFI) program over the last several years. Examination of the performance of AW07 for North American earthquakes, evaluated using an extensive compiled database of DYFI observations from 2000 to 2013, suggests that there is little statistical basis for revising these equations. However, a problem with the AW07 equations is that they predict unrealistically large median intensities for large events (M>6) at close distances. In this study, we revise AW07 to improve the intensity scaling at large magnitudes and close distances, by reconciling intensity equations with ground‐motion prediction equations.

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