Although ground truth (GT) locations for peaceful nuclear explosions (PNEs) conducted in the former Soviet Union are generally thought to be well known, they can be erroneous by up to tens of kilometers. Information (maps, photographs, descriptions) published in radionuclide contamination and environmental studies, combined with satellite imagery, allow for the improvement of the coordinates of these detonations. We are able to link disturbed areas visible in satellite imagery to probable detonation sites for all PNEs conducted in the Sakha Republic (Yakutia), Russia, and improve on, or confirm, previously published solutions; taking possible uncertainties and alternative sites into consideration, all of them can be located to GT0 or GT1. The improvements are most pronounced for Crystal, where a mound over the detonation site can be identified, and for detonations conducted for the purpose of enhanced petroleum recovery near Tas‐Yuryakh.

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