We determine frequency‐dependent attenuation 1/Q(f ) for the Hispaniola region using direct S and Lg waves over five distinct passbands from 0.5 to 16 Hz. Data consist of 832 high‐quality vertical and horizontal component waveforms recorded on short‐period and broadband seismometers from the devastating 12 January 2010 M 7.0 Haiti earthquake and the rich sequence of aftershocks. For the distance range 250–700 km, we estimate an average frequency‐dependent Q(f )=224(±27)f0.64(±0.073) using horizontal components of motion and note that Q(f ) estimated with Lg at regional distances is very consistent across vertical and horizontal components. We also determine a Q(f )=142(±21)f0.71(±0.11) for direct S waves at local distances, ≤100  km. The strong attenuation observed on both vertical and horizontal components of motion is consistent with expectations for a tectonically active region.

Online Material: Figures of filtered and broadband data, Lg‐ and S‐wave amplitudes, and apparent frequency‐dependent Q, and tables of earthquake and station parameters.

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