From analyses using near‐field and teleseismic data, we estimate the rupture speed of the 2010 Qinghai, China, earthquake (Mw 6.9). Comparisons of model calculations of the initiations to the observed near‐field seismogram at station YUS indicate a fast supershear rupture propagation of about 5.0  km/s. From the teleseismic analyses using an envelope deconvolution method with an empirical Green’s function event, two high‐frequency pulses are identified at 6.5 km and 41.8 km southeast of the epicenter, indicating two subevents. The location and timing of the high‐frequency events also show a supershear rupture velocity of 4.7 to 5.8  km/s. The supershear speed of the rupture likely contributed to the severe damage caused in the forward direction of the rupture toward the town of Yushu.

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