Moment tensor inversion techniques are widely used in global and regional seismic applications. When the ray-path trajectories are confined in a single plane (e.g., in isotropic media using a vertical array of receivers or an array that deviates from the vertical in the direction of wave propagation) only five out of six elements of the moment tensor are resolvable. This study investigates the resolvability of the complete seismic moment tensor for single-well monitoring geometries. By analyzing the resolution matrix, we demonstrate that a correct representation of the five resolvable elements of the moment tensor is only possible in a local reference system. For a vertical array of receivers, a suitable choice of condition number can assist the acquisition design. For a non-vertical array, our numerical modeling experiments suggest that the required distance and orientation of receivers for a full moment tensor inversion can be satisfied in a deviated well. In this case, information embedded in the condition number is valuable for determining the required distribution of receivers along the well.

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