We performed a regional study of P-seismic-wave attenuation and source excitation from moderate-size earthquakes recorded at distances ranging from 23 to 120 km off the coast of La Paz, Baja California Sur, from a remarkably productive earthquake sequence that occurred in 2007. Data were recorded from four strong-motion seismic stations using the La Paz Seismic Network and two broadband stations located close to the Bay of La Paz. We compared our results with a previously reported study in the same region with virtually the same method from peninsular earthquakes using S-Lg seismic waves. The regional attenuation was carried out by measuring the maximum amplitude of the P waves after separating the excitation and site terms from the propagation term, D(r,f). Our best model of the P quality factor is QP(f)=53f0.32. In addition, offshore S and Scholte modes in ocean sediment layers are discussed in this article.

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