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Issue Cover
Current Issue
Volume 94,
Number 2A,
March 2023

Impact Factor: 4.288 (23 of 87 in geochemistry/geophysics)

Recent SRL Focus Sections

94-2A 15 Jan 2022 Hunga Tonga-Hunga Ha-Apai Eruption and Tsunami (Guest Editors: Margaret Hellweg; Stephen Arrowsmith; Hugh Delgado; James Gridley; Ronan Joseph Le Bras; Daniel McNamara; Steven Sherburn)

93-6 Deformation Models for the U.S. National Seismic Hazard Model (Guest Editors: Fred F. Pollitz; Alexandra E. Hatem; Kaj M. Johnson)

93-5 Big Data Problems in Seismology (Guest Editors: Daniel T. Trugman; Lihua Fang; Jonathan Ajo‐Franklin; Avinash Nayak; Zefeng Li)

93-2A Puerto Rico Seismicity, Tectonics and the 2020 M 6.4 Earthquake Sequence (Guest Editors: Elizabeth Vanacore, Christa von Hillebrandt Andrade, Daniel Edward MaNamara)

92-5 Arctic and Antarctic Earthquakes (Guest Editors: Myrto Pirli and Peter H. Voss)

92-3 European Seismic Networks and Associated Services and Products (Guest Editors: Carlo Cauzzi; Susana Custódio; Christos P. Evangelidis; Giovanni Lanzano; Lucia Luzi; Lars Ottemöller; Helle Pedersen; and Reinoud Sleeman)


Click on the links below for more information about the issue, guest editors, submission deadlines, and publication dates.

SRL Focus Section on Seismic Hazard Modeling
Submission Deadline: 05 July 2023

SRL Focus Section on the February 2023 SE Türkiye Earthquakes
Submission Deadline: 15 Aug 2023

BSSA Special Issue for the Centennial of Great 1923 Kanto, Japan, Earthquake
Submission Deadline: 15 Apr 2023

SRL Focus Section on New Frontiers and Advances in Global Seismology
Submission Deadline: 1 Jun 2023

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