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EISSN 2041-4951
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Scottish Journal of Geology November 07, 2018, Vol.55, 1-5. doi:
Scottish Journal of Geology May 03, 2019, Vol.55, 7-19. doi:
Scottish Journal of Geology December 27, 2018, Vol.55, 21-34. doi:
Scottish Journal of Geology April 29, 2019, Vol.55, 35-68. doi:

Book review

Scottish Journal of Geology May 09, 2019, Vol.55, 69. doi:


Scottish Journal of Geology February 26, 2019, Vol.55, 71. doi:
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    The Middle Jurassic (Aalenian-Bajocian) Bearreraig Sandstone Formation of Skye and Raasay is the thickest marine sandstone sequence in the British Isles, here seen forming the east-facing cliffs of Druim an Aonaich on Raasay, with the Palaeogene lava summit of Dun Caan in the distance. An incipient landslip failure occurs on the right-hand-side of the cliff section. A recent study from this locality on syn-rift tectonism on shallow marine sedimentation is described in Scottish Journal of Geology, 55, 35–68. Photo: Brian Bell.

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