The informative paper by Carrasquero (2021) reveals the personal contribution made by Francisco Moreno to the success of the 1902-04 Scottish National Antarctic Expedition (SNAE) during the time it spent in Buenos Aires, Argentina. It was a crucial intervention, and for the hospitality and generous assistance that Moreno arranged for the expedition's leader, William Speirs Bruce (Fig. 1), the presentation of a few rock specimens might seem scant reward, although as an additional mark of respect Bruce named Point Moreno on the expedition's published map of Laurie Island (Brown et al. 1906, p. 145): the name is still valid – 60° 44’ S, 44° 41’ W. Bruce would have been deeply satisfied by the knowledge that his donation of specimens from the South Orkney Islands had initiated the development of an Antarctic collection at the Museo de La Plata. His scientific outlook was always international and collaborative.

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