Archosaur specimens collected from the Kilmaluag Formation (Great Estuarine Group) of Cladach a’Ghlinne, Skye are described. These comprise crocodylomorph material; a pubis and group of osteoderms with an associated tooth; a theropod tooth; and a dinosaur limb bone. The material is regionally important as the Skye assemblage is dominated by aquatic amphibians and amphibious reptiles with terrestrial taxa being comparatively rare. The crocodylomorph pubis is referable to an indeterminate mesoeucrocodylian; the osteoderms and associated tooth to an indeterminate neosuchian. The Kilmaluag Formation has now yielded the only associated and articulated terrestrial/freshwater Middle Jurassic crocodylomorphs from the UK thus far. The theropod tooth is referable to an indeterminate theropod, and provides the first body fossil evidence of a small theropod taxon from the Bathonian of the Hebridean Basin. The dinosaur limb bone is regarded conservatively as an indeterminate dinosaur although it does possess possible theropod affinities.

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