The Transactions of the Geological Societies of Edinburgh and Glasgow will shortly join the Scottish Journal of Geology as part of the Lyell Collection published electronically by the Geological Society of London. The availability online of papers from the early 19th century to the birth of the Scottish Journal of Geology in 1964 offers scholars access to materials not readily available elsewhere. These include historical papers tracing the development of many important geological ideas in Scotland, early discussions of the philosophy of geology, and descriptions of the geology and stratigraphy of areas, palaeontological faunas and floras, igneous, metamorphic and sedimentary rocks and minerals. Many of these remain important compilations of data but of special importance are those referring to localities now overgrown or covered by development, or samples (particularly fossils) that have since been lost. The online publication will be fully searchable and will provide easy access to these valuable works.

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