A new specimen of the recently described dipnoan fish, Pinnalongus saxoniNewman & den Blaauwen, 2007 from the Scottish Middle Devonian has been collected in Achastle-shore, eastern Caithness. This new specimen whilst consisting of only a head, has many new features not previously described in P. saxoni, such as the lateral line system of the head which is shown to conform to the well known form Dipterus, also from the Middle Devonian of Scotland. The specimen also has features not seen before in any fossil fish such as the ring-like structures associated with pore openings, plus an unusual development of the cosmine cover at the rear of the skull. The presence of both Coccosteus and Thursius in the same deposits confirms that Achastle-shore in situated below the well-known Achanarras fish bed horizon and suggests that P. saxoni could be used as a zone fossil.

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