A natural peat slide event at Glenfiddich, NE Scotland in August 2004 occurred during a period of rainstorm activity. The mass movement entailed some 700 m3 of peat debris that obstructed a path, intersected a stream, caused the collapse of a bridge and encroached upon a designated Special Area of Conservation. Four principal factors contributed to the event; (1) prolonged wet weather and heavy rainfall, (2) a steeply dipping rockhead surface of weathered Dalradian psammite, (3) a sheltered north-facing slope and (4) a natural drainage pipe at the point of initiation of the slide. Remedial measures include erosion mitigation by placement of armourstone on parts of the rupture surface and replacement of a bridge across the stream with a ford. A programme of geological surveillance was implemented to monitor any variations in site conditions and identify any additional opportunities for environmental engineering works.

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