Measurements of Middle Jurassic tridactyl dinosaur tracks from the Bathonian, Lealt Shale, Valtos Sandstone, Duntulm and Kilmaluag formations of the Isle of Skye, UK, are compared to the same measurements taken for dinosaur footprints from the Bajocian, Gypsum Spring and the Bathonian, Sundance Formation of the Bighorn Basin, Wyoming, USA. Principal component analysis of the data suggests that the smaller footprints from the Valtos Sandstone and Kilmaluag formations are indistinguishable from the footprints of the Sundance Formation. The single footprint from the Lealt Shale Formation is similar to the larger footprints from the Valtos Sandstone Formation. The footprints from the Duntulm and Gypsum Springs formations form distinct groupings from all other footprints. Four different groupings of dinosaur footprints can be recognized from the principal component analysis that may represent at least four different types of dinosaur.

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