The stratigraphic information presented in Fearnhead & Donovan (2007, p. 81) is incorrect. It should be replaced by the corrected and more complete data below.

Locality and horizon. Rough Neuk Quarry (or Roughneck Quarry or Mulloch Hill Quarry; Aldridge 2000, p. 164), near Girvan, Ayrshire, SW Scotland [NGR NS 271 040]. Upper part of the Mulloch Hill Sandstone Formation, Newlands Subgroup, Girvan Group (Cocks et al. 1992, fig. 7; Aldridge 2000, p. 164; Floyd & Williams 2003). Lower Llandovery, upper Rhuddanian.

The stratigraphic assignment given in the abstract (p. 79) should also be modified...

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