Platinum-group minerals (PGM) are present within the chromitites of the northern serpentinite belt (Pinbain Bridge area) of the ophiolitic Ballantrae Complex. A relatively uncommon but moderately diverse PGM assemblage is dominated by small (<10 μm) Ir-, Os-, or Ru-bearing phases including laurite (RuS2,) erlichmanite (OsS2), ?kashinite (Ir2S3) and Ir-Os-Ru alloys. Small euhedral laurite and erlichmanite grains are commonly enclosed within chrome-spinel grains, whilst anhedral Ir-, Os- and Ru-bearing sulphides and alloys are present within interstitial serpentinite. No PGM have been located in the more widely documented Poundland Burn chromitites of the southern serpentinite belt. The platinum-group mineral assemblage is typical of ophiolitic, chromitite-hosted platinum-group mineralization.

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