Recent boreholes provide new data on the sequence, age, lithology and geophysical log stratigraphy of Late Permian and Early Triassic strata on the northern edge of the Carlisle Basin. Late Permian evaporites (gypsum-anhydrite) and microfloras are recorded and described for the first time in onshore Scotland. The lower, argillaceous and evaporite-bearing strata are assigned to the Eden Shales Formation and are divided into three informal lithostratigraphical units, in ascending order ES1, ES2 and ES3. The Eden Shales grade upwards into the St Bees Sandstone Formation. The strata closely resemble those in neigh-bouring Cumbria, and help to refine some details of regional palaeogeography and correlation. Regional log correlation suggests that a significant evaporite-bearing Late Permian section is missing, probably cut out by faulting, in the Silloth-1A Borehole, the main deep borehole penetrating the Carlisle Basin.

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