The Millennium Issue

The year 2000 is the Millennium year and it is appropriate that the Scottish Journal of Geology should mark it in some way. The Editorial Board feel that at this time, at the beginning of what is arguably its 4th century, it is important to bring out the unique and varied character of Scottish geology. After some discussion it was decided to invite short essays from scientists for whom the geology of Scotland has had a special importance and who have themselves had a particular influence on Scottish Geology.

We asked for personal approaches to what is significant about the geology of Scotland. In what way has it inspired? Is it because of the intrinsic importance of the discoveries made here or more simply the influence of the environment? We hoped that some contributions would take a more geopolitical view. How much influence has Scotland had on the development of the science of geology as a whole and is there anything left here to discover?

We have been delighted with the contributions we have received. A recurrent theme has been the influence of place and it is clear that many of our contributors are as aware of the scenery and their feelings about this important legacy as they are about the (in some ways) more mundane geological issues. Many have included a historical viewpoint, and have reminded us how great a part was played in the last century by observers in Scotland in putting the science of geology together from its diverse beginnings.

These contributions appear in both issues of this volume of the Journal and are identified by photographs of the authors and brief notes on their careers.

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