The Subbetic group, along the Calasparra meridian between the autochthonous Prebetic to the north and the basal Triassic of the Subbetic to the south, is divided into seven tectonic units. The Prebetic is characterized by continental, lagoonal, and neritic facies. The Puerta unit consists of Tertiary facies intermediate between the Prebetic and the Subbetic units to the south. The Los Rameles unit--northernmost Subbetic--consists of Jurassic-Eocene facies, the Cretaceous and Tertiary units being intermediate between the Puerta and Loma de Solana units. In the Loma de Solana unit (Jurassic-Oligocene) the Malm contains red bedded nodular limestones passing into upper Oxfordian and Tithonian marls. The Sierrecica de las Cabras unit contains Neocomian and Barremian beds which overlie the basal Triassic and underlie the Loma de Solana unit. The Sierra de Burete unit contains Jurassic-Paleogene beds intermediate between the Loma de Solana and Sierrecica de las Cabras units. The Sierra de Ponce unit contains Jurassic-Miocene strata representing the southern Subbetic. The recognition of these units makes it necessary to abandon the terms northern and southern Subbetic in this area.

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