Recent research in the Sahara is assembled and studied for the purpose of correlating the Quaternary deposits of that region with European glacial chronology. For this reason the Sahara sedimentary series and the Pyrenean fluvioglacial phases are compared. Absolute dates obtained from equatorial, north-tropical, and Mediterranean Africa are presented in a chart which includes prehistoric industries and the glacial chronology of France and central Europe. Deposition of the sediments of the last sedimentary cycle in north Africa began approximately 20,000-30,000 yrs. B.P. (Paudorf interstade). Pollen from the Mousterian-Aterian sediments at Hoggar seem to indicate a subhumid to humid climate for the southern Sahara. The same seems to be true in the northwestern Sahara. Radiocarbon dates correlate the European Wuerm III with the Saharan humid phase, and the period of maximum humidity in the Neolithic of the southern Sahara with the renewal of humid conditions in Europe during the Atlantic and Subboreal epochs. The data assembled reveal a similar pluvioglacial period and climatic succession in south-tropical and equatorial Africa. The three tables included illustrate the proposed correlations between the different African regions, France, and central Europe.

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