Several localities in alpine Corsica were studied for the purpose of determining the age of the schistes lustres and their relationship with the sedimentary and granitic series. Since the Abatesco sedimentary series passes imperceptibly to the north into the schistes lustres, the relationship between the Abatesco and the granitic series and between the Abatesco and the Solaro formation is examined to determine the nature of the contacts. In places where the contact between the sedimentary series and the underlying granite is visible there was no evidence of the intrusion of the granite into the sedimentary rocks. On the contrary, the sedimentary series is transgressive on the granite as indicated by a basal conglomerate. The contact between the two dips slightly, leveling off to the north and overturning, placing the granite over the sedimentary series, and suggesting tectonic forces moving from west to east. The Eocene Abatesco and Solaro series are placed in the Fium' Orbo series which represents the detrital, somewhat metamorphic facies of the schistes lustres complex. The presence in the schistes lustres of black quartz--from the basement complex--makes it possible to assign a Paleozoic age to the series. The preferred theory is that the schistes lustres are Eocene, in part, and pass longitudinally into a sedimentary series well-rooted in the granite.

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