Upper Carboniferous plant-bearing beds crop out in a coal basin along the Berre river, near Corbieres. The beds, from bottom to top, include red conglomerates with elements of Ordovician schist, arkosic schists and argillites, sandy schists, conglomerate, arkose-sandstone, and a second bed of red conglomerate with Ordovician elements unconformably overlying the series below. This sequence unconformably overlies Ordovician schists with no evidence of beds representing Gotlandian-Dinantian deposits. The beds thicken rapidly from northeast to southwest and are overlain unconformably by the middle Triassic Muschelkalk dolomites which are in turn overlain by the upper Triassic Keuper marls. The discordance of the Mesozoic on the Carboniferous and the similarity between the upper- and lowermost beds in the basin suggest that the Carboniferous beds represent a fold overturned to the south and eroded prior to deposition of the Triassic. Plant remains collected from the sandy schists suggest a Stephanian age. Abundant Sphenopteris and Pecopteris are among the significant genera represented.

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