Structural analysis of the Paleozoic formations of the Aracena metamorphic belt reveals the presence of four main deformational phases all of which belong to the Hercynian orogeny: a first phase of NW-SE synmetamorphic isoclinal folds overturned toward the southwest and penecontemporaneous with migmatization; a second phase of WNW-ESE orthorhombic folds with axes slightly overturned toward the south-southwest, accompanied by S <sub>2</sub> schistosity fracture and late epizonal granitic intrusion; a third phase of thrusting and shearing toward the south-southwest; a fourth phase of NE-SW displacements measurable in kilometers. Estimation of the geothermal value of the synmetamorphic phase ( nearly equal 80 degrees C/km) places the Aracena belt among the high temperature-low pressure types.

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