New information requires modifications in stratigraphic and structural interpretations of the western Alpujarrid massif of southern Spain. The pre-Triassic Velez-Malaga and Almencar schists of the southwest limb of the Sierra Tejeda-Sierra Almijara anticlinal mountains of the western Alpujarrid massif belong to it, not to the Malaga nappe of unmetamorphosed Devonian to Triassic clastics overriding the schists on the southwest. The nearly-straight schist-dolomite contact from Canillas Aceituno southeast to Maro is the normal stratigraphic contact of the two in the anticlinal limb, not the trace of the contact of a schist nappe thrust upon the dolomite. Relationships of the Alpujarrid formations are shown clearly in a series of transverse stream gorges. The schists are interbedded with tremolite-phlogopite-bytownite metamorphosed dolomite, some beds of which are lenticular in schist. The existence of this older pre-Triassic dolomite had not been suspected. Overlying this series is an alpine facies of slightly-metamorphosed phyllite with gypsiferous beds, and Triassic limestone and dolomite.

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