A stratigraphic study is made of the Liassic units of the Beni-Snassene massif, between Moulouya to the west and the Algerian frontier to the east. The basal Liassic beds dip 20-22 degrees N on the southern flank. In general these beds have the same dip as the Permo-Triassic magnesian limestones in the lava flows below. The presence of coarse detrital units suggests the presence of shoals in the area at the beginning of the Liassic. These units may represent the Hettangian to the Carixian (Pliensbachian). The overlying limestone-dolomite series is considered lower Domerian because it underlies limestones containing an upper Domerian Emaciaticeras fauna. The Toarcian is well represented on both the northern and southern flanks of the massif. The lithology and fossil content are described from three localities where the Toarcian is exposed. Aalenian ammonites occur in the overlying series of marls and marly limestones previously attributed to the Toarcian.

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