A study of Albian bivalves from Madiela Formation in north of Gabonese coastal basin has been carried out from N’Toum quarry geological section. Four genera including six species are identified: Liopistha (Psilomya) sp. 1, ? Liopistha (Psilomya) sp. 2, Megaporomya sp., Neithea (Neithea) dutrugei (Coquand, 1862), Pleuromya sp. 1 and Pleuromya sp. 2. One morphotype is identified as Bivalvia gen. et sp. indet. The genus Megaporomya Ayoub-Hannaa et al., 2013 and all identified species, except Neithea (Neithea) dutrugei (Coquand, 1862), are found for the first time in Gabonese coastal basin. Now, a total of twelve species of bivalves have been reported from the Madiela Formation. In Gabon, the presence for the first time of genera Liopistha and Pleuromya in N’Toum quarry geological section which is assigned to the Albian permits us to expand their geographical distribution until N’Toum region, and their age range to Albian.

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