Major ophiolitic thrust sheets are widespread within the internal Hellenides, particularly in the Pelagonian domain (Greece and Albania). The ophiolitic sheets are notably well exposed in western Othris mountains of continental Greece. In that area, the structural stacking of oceanic nappes obducted in the Jurassic is particularly well constrained. New sedimentological and structural data from recently studied outcrops, together with new micro-paleontological data, allow to reconsider the architecture of the ophiolitic nappes and their evolution in the Othris mountains. Our new data set includes notably the description of a Mid-Late Jurassic sedimentary succession, from basal litharenites and radiolarites to syn-obduction mélange, on top of the uppermost Mega Isoma ophiolitic Unit. These results are crucial in the perspective of constraining the Jurassic contractional evolution of the Maliac Ocean from the beginning of the subduction and intra-oceanic obduction to the final obduction on the Pelagonian continental crust. Another major result concerns the dating of primary conformable series of Middle and Late Triassic age on top of the pillow-lavas of the Fourka unit. Since this lava unit, with MORB affinities, is one of the syn-obduction Jurassic nappes, we propose that this very large Fourka nappe represents the major reference unit of the initial (Triassic) Maliac oceanic crust.

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