Xinjiangchelys oshanensis (Ye, 1973) was originally described as Plesiochelys oshanensisYe, 1973 from the Jurassic Upper Lufeng series of Eshan, Yunnan Province, China. The species was based on a single specimen (IVPP V4444), a damaged shell with articulated carapace and plastron. This species was later referred to as Xinjiangchelys? oshanensis and X. oshanensis respectively, but has never been revised and often overlooked in the studies of Asian Mesozoic turtles. In this paper, we provide the systematic revision of X. oshanensis (Ye, 1973) after new restoration of the specimen. Five additional shells from the Middle Jurassic Chuanjie Formation of Lufeng, Yunnan Province, China are referred to this species. Our study confirms the validity of the species and its assignment to the genus Xinjiangchelys. The study of the new material completes the shell morphology of X. oshanensis and provides additional information about its age.

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