The taxonomy and paleoecology of the Albian gastropods from the N’Toum quarry geological section (N’Toum locality) are here discussed. Three genera including four species are identified: Ampullina sp., Tylostoma pallaryi (Peron & Fourtau), Lithomphalus sp. A and Lithomphalus sp. B. Three morphotypes are identified as Aporrhaidae gen. et sp. indet., Gast. gen. et sp. indet. 1 and Gast. gen. et sp. indet. 2. The genus Lithomphalus as the rest of gastropods assemblage are reported for the first time in the Gabonese coastal basin. The gastropod fauna from the N’Toum quarry section is marine. Its composition suggests soft to firm substrate. The depositional environment is considered as within the shallow photic zone with probably high amounts of organic debris in the substrate.

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