The lithostratigraphy of the White Limestone Group (Eocene-Miocene) of Jamaica is revised based on geological mapping across the northern part of the Clarendon block. Eight shallow-water formations are recognised which are from base to top: Healthy Hill Formation (new name): predominantly white grainstones; Troy Formation: recrystallized and dolomitized limestones; Swanswick Formation: white grainstones; Claremont Formation: pale micritic limestones (locally recrystallized and dolomitized); Somerset Formation: pink grainstones and packstones with large white globular foraminifers; Walderston Formation: pink grainstones; Browns Town Formation: white packstones and wackestones with abundant large lens shaped foraminifers and abundant corals; and Newport Formation: pale wakestones and carbonate mudstones. The facies and their foraminifer assemblages are interpreted in terms of sequence stratigraphy.

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