The Purbeck Limestone Group of England has yielded a rich assemblage of Late Jurassic to Early Cretaceous (Berriasian) vertebrate fossils, including one of the most diverse Early Cretaceous lizard assemblages on record. Here we describe the first articulated lizard skull from Purbeck. The specimen was rediscovered in the collections of the British Geological Survey, having been excavated at least a century ago. Although originally assigned to the Purbeck genus Paramacellodus, with which it shares maxillary and some dental characters, the new Purbeck skull differs from other Purbeck genera, including Paramacellodus, in frontal, pterygoid and maxillary morphology. It is here assigned to a new genus and species. Cladistic analysis groups it with Lacertoidea, unlike Paramacellodus, Becklesius and Parasaurillus which group with scincids and cordyliforms.

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